I am Orest Brykowytch

And welcome to my website!

A Little Bit About Me


Who am I?

I am a programmer in his teen years who likes to program things over a very large spectrum. Whether it be a game, a cool website, or just something random, I can probably do it, and do it well. I also produce music!


What I Know

I currently am "fluent" in C++ and PHP, and know enough HTML and CSS to make a normal looking website. My Java and JavaScript is worse than better, but I am improving my knowledge every day.


Where I learned

Most of what I learned or am learning is self-taught, but I have learned to develop games on Udemy Courses, and from my High School Programming Teacher.


My Projects

My projects include a school project, where I made an all around school helper, and I have developed 2 games as of now. One is a Tank Game, and the other is a Room Escape Game.


My Career

I currently am unable to work in the Programming/Development community, so this is empty, for now at least.


What I Want To Do

What I want to do with my knowledge is develop or program something that will help or change the world. I have a big dream, and I hope I can fulfill it. It is a career option that I am willing to persue.

These are my Projects

Explore and Enjoy!

My Projects

All Around School Helper

I am truly sorry, to some extent, but if you do not go to my school, this will be a completely useless thing for you, as this is meant to help my school. If you or anyone at your school wants something that could help the students, make sure to contant me, and we can coordinate something to make it happen.

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Professional Wesbite for a Friend

A friend of mine requested a website be made for them, and base it around their baking and photography skills. They work as a baker, and part time photographer. She is stationed in Kiev, Ukraine. The website is in Russian, though, so not all might understand, sorry, and yes, all those images are hers.

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Tetris Game for 3D Prism

Another friend of mine in school had asked me to make a game for a Maker Faire Project. Their project was a prism that refelects light, and turns it into 3D image that someone can see. They asked for a game that people could play on the prism, so I decided to go with Tetris, an easy, but interesting 3D game.

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My Music

I am not sure if this counts as a project, but it is something interesting you should check out!

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Little Biography

More About Me

Orest Brykowytch

I am a programming-songwriting teen who is currently living in Warsaw, Poland. I have been songwritting for a while now, but not more than programming. Both are great hobbies of mine, along which is studying World Languages, Chemistry, Physics, and everything that has to do with Space and the Universe. One of my greatest achievements is having developed a game, albeit using an online course, but this was for a then new language. The course taught the ins and outs, tips and tricks to mastering Unreal Engine 4, and C++ as a language, and going on after that, I've managed to stray farther from courses, and develop on my own. My knowledge of programming and development ranges over a large spectrum of languages and tools. As was previously mentioned, I am proficient in C derived languages, but I prefer to stay around C++, and as far away as possible from Objective-C and Java, although I am well on my way to become skilled in the latter. Some personal achievements of mine are a Competition Personal Best of 18,58 seconds for a 3x3 Rubik's Cube, but I've beaten this many times over at home, and having have written 4, pushing on 5 albums of instrumental music, the first two of which are solo albums.

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